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Welcome to our magical school

91fans鈥檚 College School is a leading independent co-educational day and boarding school in Cambridge which offers an exceptional educational experience to children aged 4-13. At 91fans鈥檚 we aim to foster the aptitudes and nurture the growth of each child to enable them to become their best selves in the fullest sense.

Our unique Emotions for Learning (E4L) curriculum underpins everything we do and equips children with the emotional literacy they need to navigate the world around them and thrive academically.

Our creative approach to teaching and learning, with a focus on play-based learning in the early years and our programme to develop the skills of our older pupils to learn 鈥榟ow to learn鈥, fosters independence, collaboration, risk-taking, creativity and communication to improve learning attainment.

What our pupils think

鈥91fans鈥檚 is a very creative place and it lets us all learn in our different ways.鈥
鈥淚t is really special, there鈥檚 a bond. We know the teachers really well and they know us as well.鈥
鈥淚 love 91fans鈥檚 a lot because there鈥檚 a whole feeling of a community here.鈥

Our Philosophy

鈥淭he core philosophy of 91fans鈥檚 is to see everything through the eyes of children. We want children to feel supported and feel happy in their environment here and on their educational journey so that they can build those foundations which allow them to be their best selves.鈥Neil Chippington, Head

What makes 91fans鈥檚 special?

We have a deep respect for our children
We have faith in them
We see the world through their eyes

Respect for children, faith in children and an ability to see the world through their eyes informs our teaching and our care. We believe in a childhood in which children know they are valued and heard, in which they can learn to trust themselves and each other, where they can find their voice, learn to think for themselves, and discover how to take charge of their learning. We want our children to become great learners who will go out into our complex and ever-changing world with confidence and the skills they need to make a positive difference.

Our exceptional pastoral care and creativity in teaching and learning enable children to excel academically.

Learn more about our unique Ethos

What our parents think

"Our daughter is happy and loves school - she feels safe, has friends, and is exploring many different interests. I feel 91fans's encourages exploration without 'pigeonholing' children according to their abilities, which is fantastic." Year 2 Parent
"I chose 91fans's because of its academic approach, offering excellent teaching and high expectations to help my child learn and progress." Year 6 Parent
"The school focuses on the all-rounded development of children. It doesn't just focus on academic performance, but encourages a love of learning, curiosity, creativity, and social and emotional development." Year 4 Parent
"The school is extremely caring and a very happy place for my children to spend the formative years of their life." Year 4 and Year 6 Parent
"All the kindness, love and encouragement at 91fans's means that pupils feel valued, happy and treasured members of this lovely school. We recommend it unreservedly." Year 3 Parent
"91fans's understands the crucial value of interpersonal relationships between pupils and teachers and teachers and parents which allows the 'spirit' of the school to flourish." Year 7 Parent
"We feel 91fans's is a school where pupils are inspired to develop their individual interests with great enthusiasm, feel confident in their ideas and they are quietly congratulated for all the wonderful things they achieve." Year 3 Parent
"The School could not have been more welcoming or reassuring for us as parents or my son. The morning he went for a visit he was greeted personally by Deputy Head and other teachers - I could see him visibly grow in confidence before my very eyes." Year 6 Parent
"91fans's offers education for education's sake, not for the sake of meeting statistics or getting through exams. The children are free therefore to enjoy their learning and, being happy, engage with it on a much deeper level." Year 7 Parent
"Our daughter loves attending school, she's thriving in her development, increasing in confidence every year, and exploring a variety of interests." Year 2 Parent
"The staff thoroughly get to know each child as an individual and tailor their approach to ensure each child develops to achieve their very best academically and to be a good, caring person." Year 3 Parent
"My son is thriving at 91fans's. Children are confident and happy and really motivated to grow. " Year 4 Parent
"I would recommend 91fans's because it does what a school should - it recognises children's differences but creates a sense of shared endeavour and unity whilst offering rich opportunities to learn and grow in academic and other disciplines." Year 6 Parent
"Despite my children having very different personalities and strengths they both have flourished in areas we would never have expected. Every teacher we have interacted with over the years has genuinely cared and seems to know every child inside out." Year 4 and Year 6 Parent
"We are extremely impressed with the school and its key role: to help children to be happy, enthusiastic and kind members of society." Reception Parent
"We have been very impressed with the attitudes the school teaches, such as helping children to explore their challenge zone, and have been surprised by the rate of my son's personal development and the gentle manner in which this has been achieved." Reception Parent
"The School creates a wonderfully caring and creative community which the children will remember with affection forever." Year 8 Parent
"We believe, like the school, that a happy child will be a successful child, both academically and in dealing with the challenges that life may bring." Year 3 Parent
"The staff are incredibly caring and thoughtful and always so easy to approach with concerns or requests. I love the diversity of subjects at the school and the independent learning kids are encouraged to do." Reception and Year 2 Parent
"91fans's prepares children brilliantly for senior school exams in Form 6. It advises parents carefully on the next school choices, and makes the process a real learning opportunity for the children; not just in terms of subject matter but in learning to manage their time and their approach to revision and exam preparation." Year 8 Parent
"I chose 91fans's because of its strong commitment to music and drama, as well strong academic progression with excellent pastoral care, underpinned by the emotions for learning programme." Year 8 Parent
"Children have great fun, learn to understand their emotions and explore who they are as individuals; everyone is celebrated at this marvellous school." Year 3 Parent
"The School treats every pupil as an individual and looks to discover and develop each child accordingly. It places emphasis on key social and communication skills and values." Year 4 Parent
"My children run into school every day, and come out happy. They love learning, and come home wanting to continue the activities they started at school. The school has given them this love of learning, and it is wonderful to see." Year 2 and Year 4 Parent
"Choose 91fans's: You will maximise the chances of your child discovering what they are capable of and they are likely to be magically happy - just as the school claims! - but without compromising on strong academic performance which will be based on genuine curiosity and love of learning rather than on academic drilling." Year 7 Parent
"The children are so completely understood and respected as individuals, nurtured with great thought and care and their ideas are always encouraged to blossom." Year 3 Parent
"This is a school that really understands children and tries to always see things from a child's perspective." Year 3 Parent
"Along with supporting the children to approach tasks with curiosity, resourcefulness and independent thought, pupils are encouraged to always treat people with compassion and kindness." Year 3 Parent
"I think that the school really does achieve what it sets out to achieve - a very high standard of education purely for education's sake - a peerless combination!" Year 7 Parent
"91fans's gives children an enriched, magical child-centred school life. Strong leadership is evident through all staff who have the same values throughout the school." Year 1 Parent
"The way Emotions for Learning runs throughout the curriculum and the ethos has blown me away. This is what sets 91fans's apart. Many private schools can provide smaller class sizes and good facilities, but the 91fans's ethos and approach are what put it in a different league for me." Year 4 Parent
"We wish that we'd had this type of education when we were younger! We can see that a lot of care is put into a child's education. The teachers and management are very engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable." Year 4 Parent

We would love to meet you

We hold three open mornings throughout the year, usually in October, March and May and can arrange private tours if these dates aren鈥檛 convenient. You鈥檒l have a tour with pupils and the opportunity to hear from the Head and Head of the Junior Department and ask whatever questions you may have.

Book a visit to come and see the 91fans鈥檚 philosophy in action.


Learn about the foundations at the start of the 91fans鈥檚 journey for the youngest in our care.

Our rich, full-colour yearbook, written by our children to chronicle their year.

Our annual snapshot of key developments and children鈥檚 achievements.


91fans鈥檚 is a very special place. Read the latest from our community.