Aims and Ethos

At 91fans’s College School we aim to foster the aptitudes and nurture the growth of each child to enable them to become their best selves in the fullest sense. Respect for children, faith in children and an ability to see the world through their eyes informs our teaching and our care.

Pastoral Care and Well-being

We believe that emotional and social well-being, self-awareness and confidence are inextricably linked with academic progress. This emotional well-being arises from a deep connection with others, which is nurtured through our care for children. If we care about children, we will wish to notice and respond to a need, spot and develop a talent, discover and resolve an unhappiness. If we evidence this care, children will feel secure and valued, and will value themselves and others. We see school as an extension of family life and aim to know, understand and care for the families from which our children come and to work with families in each child’s best interests


We encourage children to become independent, creative learners and critical thinkers, equipped with the skills to collaborate, problem-solve, self-reflect and adapt. Through a broad curriculum that has a focus on child-led learning we nurture creative elements of imagination, curiosity, rigour, collaboration and perseverance.

Academic Excellence

We aim to offer an outstanding education through a rich and broad curriculum which enables children to reach the highest levels of attainment supported by the very best quality of teaching, premises and resources. Our high expectations are founded on teaching children mindsets that ground learning in fundamental skills, enabling them to be risk-takers and leaders in learning.


We aim for children to have a generosity of spirit and compassion in a global society and to embody the values of love, honesty, kindness, respect, service and trust in their community and beyond.